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Pokello Nare Accept Being A Side Chick To A Married Man


Pokello Nare has again been trending for all the wrong reasons, this after another picture of her with Mnangagwa’s son was again leaked online.

Pokello who has had her fair share of social media seems to have had accepted fate of becoming nothing but just a side chick to a married man.

Despite her not speaking much of their alleged relationship Pokello has remained mum of the situation but however, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Earlier this year in July, Sir Wicknell leaked Pokello’s pictures having a good time with Mnangagwa’s married son which put an end to their relationship being called a rumor and made it official that there was something going on with the two.

A video of Pokello Nare with Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior hanging out at a night club is circulated on social media.

The video sparked controversy around Mnangagwa who is currently married to Leya Mnangagwa.

In 2022, Pokello denied having an affair with the president’s son, however, the leaked video outs the two.

Not known to many is Leya Mnangagwa (nee Travis), who is known to a few as (muroora wenyika), Leya is married to one of President Mnangagwa’s sons ‘Emmerson Jr’ and they are blessed with three daughters.

Leya Travis is not only a beauty but she is business minded as well. She is the proud owner of Ace Travel & Tours located at 119 Josiah Chinamano Avenue in Harare.

“Classy or Not, A Side Chick Is A Side Chick” Zimbabweans Taunt Pokello Over Mnangagwa Birthday Celebrations!

Leya has remained mum over his husband’s infidelity, however, she has supported her husband’s father on most of the first family gatherings even the recent held president’s birthday which she attended with other wives of the president’s sons.


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