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Chitungwiza: Leaked Private Affair With Maths Teacher Leaves The Social Media Buzzing


A leaked WhatsApp conversation between a teenage girl and her friend has caused quite a stir on social media.

The chat revolves around an unforgettable lula lula session between the teenage girl and their math teacher.

In the leaked chat, the teenage girl’s friend expresses disappointment that she was left behind after their lessons.

The teenage girl then reveals that after their lessons, she and the math teacher went off together to Makoni, presumably in Chitungwiza. She goes on to reveal that she and the teacher had relations.

The teenage girl describes how their math teacher is quite talented in the sack and how his banana is larger than any she has ever tasted.

She speculates that this might be why he attracts so much attention from the ladies. Her friend congratulates her on finally “getting” the math teacher, and she reveals that he is also involved with a tall girl who wears glasses and is friends with the head girl of the school.

The teenage girl goes on to mention that their classmates Natasha and Maka are also involved with the same teacher. She tells her friend that she doesn’t mind sharing him because what’s important is experiencing pleasure.

She even suggests that her friend join her for a session with the teacher, as she misses having a 3-way.

However, her friend declines the invitation, stating that she cannot engage in such activities with the math teacher. Instead, she proposes that if her friend misses a 3-way so much, they could revisit Rasta Jedza’s place.

She claims that Rasta Jedza is a better option because he provides them with high-quality weed to help them relax and he also lasts long.

The teenage girl dismisses her friend’s suggestion, arguing that Rasta Jedza is too rough. She reminds her friend that he once tried to take advantage of her and engage in unprotected lula lula while she was under the influence. You can read the entire conversation below:

Vana venyu vari safe here nhai vabereki??? pic.twitter.com/OImCXXkOsD

After the leaked conversation surfaced, people on social media had mixed reactions. Some questioned the authenticity of the chat, while others expressed shock at the declining morals and values among teenagers in the country. Others pointed out that the math teacher is being unprofessional. Here are a few comments from social media:

Chakabikwa zvacho pic.twitter.com/WNkK7j7Iza

— Isheunesu Tsiga (@lestiga_the_one) October 2, 2023


People use the word “teacher” very loosely in this country. Most of these maths “teachers” are unemployed engineering graduates. Teaching is way more than just knowing calculations. A true teacher knows and follows the ethics of the profession.


Vana ava hamskuvaziva ??esp vakadhakwa nesavanna ??une mwana mskana unofana kuinvester mutop top security necontrol cox ukaita soft parenting chete ma1 ako ?


Uniform ndeye chikoro chipi iyo? This sir should be found and stopped.


I wonder why lessons used to be banned ma sir man enyu aya apedza vana


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