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Hwinza’s Girlfriend Malloti Arrested For Stealing


Hwinza’s Girlfriend Malloti Granted Bail Amidst Theft Charges

In a recent update, Zimdancehall artist Hwinza’s girlfriend, known as Malloti, real name Millicent Chimonyo, appeared in court on theft charges.

We previously reported that Malloti had disclosed her arrest but she kept the details under wraps

Speculations were rife that Hwinza had a hand in his girlfriend’s arrest with some suggesting he had done so to get back at her. However, recent developments have shed light on the situation.

Fortunately for Malloti, she was granted US$100 bail when she appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi over the weekend. The complainant in this case is Douglas Dumbura.

Hwinza Girlfriend Malloti: Details of the Alleged Theft Incident
The court heard that on September 23, Malloti and eight other individuals, who are still at large, committed theft at Dumbura’s store situated on the corner of Nelson Mandela and Chinhoyi Street.

Malloti and her accomplices allegedly stole a significant number of items, including 56 pairs of men’s jeans, 49 T-shirts, 22 jogger pants, 35 pairs of men’s sneakers, and 20 summer shirts before making their escape.

Dumbura promptly reported the incident to the police, leading to Malloti’s subsequent arrest. She was arrested shortly after she appeared on DJ Ollah 7’s show at Star FM last Wednesday.

Following her arrest, Malloti took to social media to inform her followers that she was being held at Harare Central Police Station. Though she didn’t reveal the reason behind her arrest, she hinted that Hwinza might be involved.
In one of her Instagram stories, Malloti reflected on the transient nature of life and suggested that those with genuine hearts will always receive blessings. She wrote,

“Hapana chisingaperi (Nothing lasts forever), but one thing I know for sure is that people with genuine hearts always gonna be blessed.”

Relationship Drama and Previous Arrest
Prior to her arrest, Malloti and Hwinza had been making headlines due to their tumultuous relationship. They had a public falling-out after Malloti accessed Hwinza’s social media accounts and accused him of damaging her car.

She even posted pictures showing the car with cracked windshields and a smashed rear end. Following these events, Hwinza was arrested but later released, as Malloti disclosed on her Facebook Stories


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