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WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Durban Woman Runs Over Robber with Her Own Car to Save Her Handbag South Africa


A courageous act by a 43-year-old South African woman, Sandy-Lee Ward, earned her hero status after she bravely ran over a robber who stole her handbag.

Sandy-Lee Ward found herself in a perilous situation when two attackers targeted her at the mall on The Bluff, attempting to steal her handbag. As she was leaving the shopping centre, she was confronted by the assailants near the entrance.

According to The Citizen, the robbers initially wanted to take her car but weren’t able to pull her out of the vehicle. Aggressively reached through the car window and attempted to forcibly pull her out of the vehicle.

Ward, however, fought back, refusing to yield to the assailants’ demands.

They wanted to get me out of the car to steal it. They had my key in the ignition but couldn’t pull me out because my seat belt was on,” she recounted.

While attempting to forcibly remove Ward from the vehicle, the criminals spotted her handbag tucked beneath the seat and opted to steal it instead.

In a desperate bid to protect herself and her belongings, Sandy-Lee Ward made a split-second decision that would dramatically change the course of events. She engaged the ignition, turned her car into a formidable weapon, and pressed her foot on the gas pedal.

With remarkable courage, she used her vehicle to deter the attackers, ultimately hitting one of the robbers and thwarting the robbery attempt.

“I didn’t plan it; it’s like I wasn’t thinking in that moment. I didn’t plan to hit him; I just wanted to get my handbag back,” Ward explained.

Reflecting on the heart-pounding incident, Ward shared,

“I can’t explain the fear I felt at that moment. All I could do was pray. The Lord just put his foot on my foot, and I just kept going.”

Sandy-Lee Ward’s quick thinking and extraordinary courage received widespread admiration and awe from her community. The incident, captured on camera, quickly went viral.

Following the dramatic event, the robber was swiftly arrested, and the woman’s handbag was successfully recovered.

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