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Popular socialite D1es Coming From Jah Prayzah show in SA


Tragedy struck popular socialite Slyvester Mabuda, known as Sly, on his 30th birthday, turning a beautiful evening into a nightmare. The incident occurred along the N4 Highway in Diepsloot, just north of Johannesburg. Sly was enjoying himself with friends in the exclusive VVIP section at the Jacaranda Lounge during a Jah Prayzah show.

Amidst the celebrations, Sly jokingly asked a reporter to take a photo for publication in H-Metro, intending to share his birthday joy with the nation. Little did anyone know that this would be his last photo. Accompanied by his best friend, Larry Mushope, Sly was heading back home to Pretoria after the show when tragedy struck.

Around 1 am, approximately 20 kilometers into their journey, they encountered trouble with the rear tyre of their car. Realizing something was amiss, they decided to stop as the car was now riding on the rim. Seeking assistance, they called their friends for help. Suddenly, three men emerged from the darkness, armed with guns, knives, and broken bottles.

Two of the assailants targeted Sly, while the third approached Larry. The thugs subjected them to a vicious assault, leaving them badly injured. They were robbed of their belongings, including Larry’s phone and wallet, as well as Sly’s possessions. The attackers swiftly disappeared into the surrounding bushes. Dazed and in pain, Larry regained consciousness and discovered that Sly had sustained injuries during the scuffle.

Desperate for help, Larry hobbled across the road to a nearby complex. He sought assistance from a security guard and returned to the car with him, but tragically, Sly had already succumbed to his injuries. The area where the incident occurred has a notorious reputation for crime, with an increasing number of murders. The local community has been protesting against the violence, which often involves thugs throwing metal spikes onto the road to puncture tires, enabling them to ambush unsuspecting motorists


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