Home Africa News Cultists with 7 inches of nail’s driven in his skull survived..read more

Cultists with 7 inches of nail’s driven in his skull survived..read more


This man was found this morning having multiple convulsions in his room in a state somewhere in Southern Nigeria. He was rushed to the hospital and it was observed that 7 nine inches nails had been driven into his skull. A possible cultist rival attack. Please shun cultism.
He didn’t die. He is still alive. Imagine the pain his passed through to have 9 inches nails driven into his skull 7 times. Human beings are wicked. Please shun cultism.

A CT scan was ordered and this was seen. The assailants ensured the nails were inserted from all directions
A closer view of the CT scan. Notice how the skull did not shatter. The brain substance didn’t shatter. The nails all moved neatly inside with no much damage to nearby tissues. This doesn’t look like the work of a hammer. I suspect it is the work of a nail gun or drill.
Now here is the critical Question

Will this man survive?

I must say that the fact that this man is still alive is already a miracle, especially considering the fact that it was not a single nail or two nails but 7 nails inserted at different locations
In 1995, a 19 year old in Ontario was shot on his head with a nail gun, just one mail was lodged in his brain. He was rushed to the hospital and was discharged about 1 week later in good condition. However, one month later, his personality rapidly changed.He lost his job and was unable to keep a job hence forth. His relatives said that he never remained the same person again, he became an entirely different person.

In another case involving a 25 year old in Deloitte in 2005, 12 while nails was driven into his head. He was rushed to the hospital. The neurosurgeons removed the nails with a drill. He went back home with little or no disability
So we can say that the fate of a patient with nail brain injury depends on CHANCE and TECHNICALITIES.
Which structure in the brain was affected?If any of the nails hit the large arterial structures in the Circle of Willis,there would be a massive bleeding to the brain substance.


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