Sexual harassment at workplaces is a trending issue in Zimbabwe following the exposure of one Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) boss, a case which opened a can of worms with several women opening up, and a Masvingo Econet manager is the latest to be sucked in.

Edmore Mutisi is being accused of sexual harassment amid allegations that he demanded sexual favours from junior employees. TellZim is in possession of various WhatsApp chats and audios about Mutisi’s alleged sexual escapades and advances to junior employees.
Contacted for a comment, Mutisi dismissed the allegations saying they were not true and told the reporter to confirm with Econet if anything of that sort was reported.
“There are no allegations of such sort, you can ask from Econet,” said Mutisi in a telephone interview.

Sources including some of the victims however, revealed to TellZim that Mutisi has since went through a hearing for the alleged sexual harassment and is waiting for the final decision from the Human Resources (HR) department.
Econet is said to have zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and chances are high that Mutisi will be charged if found guilty.
Inside sources told TellZim News that Mutisi has since waved goodbye and exited all the work related whatsapp groups.
“Hi guys um (sic) leaving, have been nice working together over these years. Great memories, great learning! Im available on 0777. . . or email infor.fal. . .” reads the message allegedly sent by Mutisi before exiting all the work related groups.

More messages and audios that are in possession of TellZim revealed that at one point Mutisi was allegedly in a relationship with a married woman who was his subordinate. The audio revealed how Mutisi almost wrecked the marriage as the husband later discovered the adulterous affair.

“Right now we are not staying together with my husband, but boss Eddie talked to him and apologized for everything. He was asked if he needed any compensation but he refused so I don’t know whats next,” said the wife to one Tanya who is also an employee at Econet.
Econet brand ambassadors at the said branches are living in fear as Mutisi allegedly continuously asks for favours from them and those that would have turned down his advances are fired while those who accept are promoted.

One of the victims was allegedly fired for poor performance at work after it emerged that she had evidence against Mutisi’s sexual advances and that she was planning to approach the HR department for remedy. The matter has since been dragged from April up to now with the victim being told Econet wireless HR is handling the matter.
Efforts to get comment from the Econet HR department were fruitless by the time the story was published.
In some of the leaked audios of his sexual escapades Mutisi tells his prey that she must not fear him because he does not bite – ‘handirumi’. Sources close to the matter said Mutisi has since been suspended from work as investigations are underway.
The matter was brought to light after a group of female employees who felt abused recorded various WhatsApp chats and audios where Mutisi was pushing for sexual favours.


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