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ZANU PF Thug Who Committed Suicide “Deeply” Regretted FAZ Links


An alleged ZANU PF thug who recently took his own life left an audio message in which he said he regretted the corrupt and violent life he led in Gutu South constituency.

According to a report by The Mirror, the ZANU PF activist, Norman Mawungwa, from Chief Mawungwa committed suicide on Sunday night.

He blamed his clan (Mawungwa chieftainship) and family members for pushing him into committing suicide.

Mawungwa accused them of tormenting him over his alleged violence and corruption.

In audio in possession of The Mirror which he left behind for his son Joe, Mawungwa said that ZANU PF MP for Gutu South Pupurai Togarepi and a war veteran he identified as Mudukuti were his intimate political friends and are aware of the reasons for his death.

Mawungwa is reported to have been probably the most notorious political thug in Gutu South.

He appealed to the family and ZANU PF to assist him with a decent burial as he did not have a funeral policy.

The late political activist regretted his involvement in politics and said had he known, he would never have participated in such things.

In his last words, Mawungwa repeatedly said “Had I known I wouldn’t do such” as he expressed regret about being associated with Forever Zimbabwe Associates (FAZ), a shadowy ZANU PF affiliate with alleged links with the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

He said some people could think that he committed suicide because of the land he illegally sold, saying that was not the case.

Mawungwa said the clan, his family and in particular his brothers were not ready to forgive him for his involvement with FAZ. He said in the audio:

Joe mwanangu, ndini baba vako. Ndafunga kuzorora mwanangu musure mekushungurudzwa. Ndashungurudzwa zvikuru. Handina Kuziva, dei waro ndakaziva. Dei waro haitungamiri. Chikonzero vanhu vemhuri, vandishungurudza zvikuru nenyaya dzematongerwo enyika. (Joe my son, it’s your father. I have decided to rest after being tormented. I have been tormented a lot. I didn’t realize it will come to this. Had I known I would never have been involved. Family members and the whole clan are against my involvement in ZANU PF politics).

He alleged that his clan was handsomely paid by CCC to torment him adding that Togarepi, Mudukuti, and one Mbizvo were aware of that.

Togarepi reportedly cut off his phone when The Mirror contacted him for a comment.

Mawungwa was found hanging in a cattle pen at his uncle’s house by a girl going to school on Monday morning. He had spent the previous day at the funeral of an aunt.


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