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Mbire man commits suicide after he runs amok, rips open woman’s abdomen


A man from Mbire District committed suicide after he ran amok and ripped open his wife’s abdomen leaving her intestines protruding following a domestic dispute.

The incident left Sharon Kawarira (30) battling for her life after being butchered by her husband, Morris Ndoro (46).

Ndoro took his own life thinking that he had killed his wife, who had lost consciousness.

Sharon suffered severe and life-threatening injuries which have left her with hospital bill of more than US$1 200.

Reports indicate that Sharon confronted Ndoro over proceeds from tobacco sales which he had squandered.

Ndoro took a knife and stabbed Sharon all over her body and ripped open her stomach, leaving her intestines protruding.

Sharon’s brother, Knowledge, said his sister was just hanging onto life and appealed for help to get her specialist treatment.

“I had lost hope that my sister would survive. Right now, if she eats anything, she feels pain in her stomach.

“She was discharged from hospital and it’s not easy. I do odd jobs.

“The hospital bill was US$1 168. When we went for a check-up, the bill had gone up, and they are demanding that it be paid as soon as possible,” said Knowledge.

A Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, and Small and Medium Enterprise Development official condemned the barbaric act and appealed to well-wishers to help Sharon clear the hospital bill.

“The couple was staying in the Bakasa area in Tumiri village in Guruve. Last season, they had a good tobacco harvest and the husband reportedly squandered all the money.

“This season again, he did the same thing and squandered all the money, and his wife confronted him.

“An altercation ensued and the wife left home and went to Mushumbi in an area called Sango Jena. She then approached our Ministry’s offices for help.

“We advised her to go to the district office so that she could get help from police. She was assisted and got a police officer who accompanied her back home.

“Her husband pretended that all was now well. Both the wife and the police officer were convinced, but after a few weeks, violence erupted again and he attacked his wife with a knife. Matumbu akabuda, akachekwa muviri wese.

“Upon realising that her intestines were protruding, he committed suicide,” said the official.

The official called for an end to gender-based violence.

“Last month we had another case where a woman was attacked by three men at Mushumbi growth point. The men cut her face with knives and ripped her private parts.

“Gender-based violence is on the rise in Mbire. Men’s actions leave scars both physical and emotional on their wives.

“It’s high time that men realise that they do not own their wives’ bodies, and that violence is never the answer. Domestic violence has no place in any society and must be condemned at all times,” said the official.


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