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Top Official arrested for stealing C0nd0ms


Top Official arrested for stealing C0nd0ms
In a truly embarrassing development, a high-ranking official from Western Cape correctional services found himself in hot water after allegedly stealing a pack of three condoms valued at R89.99.

Robin Maripan is expected to make an appearance in the Somerset West magistrate’s court on Monday.

As reported by The Citizen, Maripan stole the pack of condoms at Checkers Sitari Village, Firgrove, last month. He was apprehended and held for a good few hours before making his debut appearance in court just over a week later.

When questioned about the incident, Western Cape NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila spilled the beans, revealing that Maripan is accused of stealing a packet of “regular fit” condoms worth R89.99.

It appears Maripan didn’t notify his bosses at Correctional Services of the development. Maripan is the head of community corrections and deals with ex-convict reintegration at Western Cape Correctional Services.

He was summoned to the Drakenstein prison last week to face the music. However, when quizzed about the matter by the media, he brushed it off, saying it had “nothing to do with the media.”

Following the revelation, South Africans took to social media like wildfire. Many poked fun at Maripan. Some wondered if he was truly that desperate to be laid, while others suggested he couldn’t bear facing a cashier to buy the condoms himself.

A portion of X users argued he should simply pay for the condoms and be let off the hook. Here’s a taste of what the folks had to say:


Did he really want to get laid that badly ?


Condoms should be in vending machines tbh.
This “A high-ranking correctional services official and respected member of the Somerset West community “ is why he could not bring himself to look at a cashier in the eye and say “feather light xl please”


Noo man let that officer pay for those condoms. People are stealing billions nothing happened to them this officer must be given the opportunity to pay


Surely condoms are handed out free at his work? During my working career in durban i used to send a dedicated person to fetch boxes of condoms, which were given free of charge. They were placed in toilets etc. When i retired i moved to plett. Saw them there in pick n pays toilets


Because staff make buying condoms so embarrassing…


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