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Chikanga man stripped naked and gruesomely killed two kittens as he accused his brother-in-law of sleeping with his wife


A Chikanga man stripped naked and gruesomely killed two kittens as he accused his brother-in-law of sleeping with his wife last week on Thursday.

Before running amok, Fungai Maudzi had called The Manica Post and invited our news team to rush to his brother-in-law, Mr Lloyd Mwashusha’s place in Chikanga Acid to witness the macabre real life drama.

Maudzi and Mr Mwashusha’s wives are sisters. Maudzi was accusing Mr Mwashusha of sleeping with his wife and being a wizard.

When The Manica Post arrived at the scene, Maudzi’s car was parked at Mr Mwashusha’s gate, with the slain kittens and his underwear just outside the gate.

It is alleged that a naked Maudzi roasted one of the kittens with the intention of eating it.

However, the police arrived and whisked him to Chikanga Police Station.

Witnesses said before his arrest, Maudzi had gone on a rampage and destroyed property while demanding to see Mr Mwashusha.

Mrs Regina Mwashusha who was busy clearing the junk that had been strewn all over the yard by Maudzi said she was traumatised as the man had killed the kittens with his bare hands.

“Our cat recently had four kittens and I think he killed all four of them because we cannot locate them. However, only two carcases have been found.

“As he killed the kittens, he claimed that they were my son’s goblins that he is using to harm Maudzi so that he can freely sleep with his wife. with his wife. “He killed the kittens in front of everyone who had gathered to witness this. He was going up and down in his birthday suit. He lit a fire and roasted one of the kittens. He was only stopped by the police,” said Mrs Mwashusha.

The elderly woman said they locked themselves inside the house, while Mr Mwashusha escaped to call the police, leaving Maudzi and his wife outside.

In an interview, Mr Mwashusha said it all started when Maudzi visited his wife who had sought refuge at their place after a marital dispute.

“He acted like a possessed man when he came here. He had come to see his wife, but we later heard them quarrelling. I went to them and told them to take their quarrel outside our yard.

“He then went berserk. He charged towards me and I took to my heels. He jumped into his car and drove after me. I escaped after scaling over a neighbour’s precast wall as he was determined to run over me.

“I rushed to the police station and when we came back with the police, Maudzi was walking in the road stark naked while holding dead kittens,” Mr Mwashusa said.

He said when the police tried to arrest him, Maudzi demanded that they wait for the arrival of The Manica Post news crew.

“He told us that The Manica Post news crew was coming as he had invited them to come and witness the drama. He said our humiliation was imminent. However, we have nothing to hide.

“He is the one who is suffering from spiritual torments. He should just get help because when he is okay, he is a very nice person. We were in good books before this incident.

“We have heard from his wife that when such spiritual attacks happen, Maudzi goes on a rampage and kills their neighbours’ chickens,” said Mr Mashusha.

Efforts to contact Maudzi were fruitless as his phone was switched off.


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