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(I have a feeling that this is the time for me to die) “My son had eerie premonition about his d3ath” says St George’s Student’s mother


Heartbreaking:St George’s student Ashley reveals final words

In a heart-wrenching revelation, the mother of Ashley Musendekwa, the late vice head boy of St George’s College, has disclosed that her son had an eerie premonition about his untimely demise, a year before a fatal accident claimed his life.

Ashley, affectionately known as Asho, had an uncanny sense of his impending fate. His mother, Mrs. Tsitsi Sithole-Musendekwa, disclosed that on several occasions, he confided in her about being prepared to face his death.

He even urged his family and friends not to grieve, acknowledging that his passing was God’s will. Speaking to the state-owned weekly, the source, Ashley’s mother said,

“I think in 2021, when we were doing online church sessions, he was selected to be a Bible facilitator.

“Ashley was eloquent and could preach. He was good and they elected him to be a facilitator and I thought it was too much for him.

“Some people agreed with what I was saying and after that he sat me down and said you are worried about my academic results, are you not worried about me passing the exams in Heaven?

“He said once you excuse me from the thing that I should do for God, automatically, you are not worried about me going to Heaven and he said I think I can balance it.”

Ashley’s mother went on to say that he had a second premonition of his death in October last year,

“Now, there comes a day when I picked him up from school and we were going up the stairs.

“He just said I am not feeling well and I told him, should we go to the hospital, but he said no I will have a nap and I will then wake up feeling well.

“But he said I have a feeling that this is the time for me to die.

“He said I have to die, mum.

“I said but why? And he replied, saying I think I should get a reward from God.

“He said I have done everything anyone would deserve for a reward.”

She went on to say that when she tried to persuade Ashley to pray for deliverance from this fate, he brushed her off and insisted that he was ready to die and face God.

“I had to share his feeling with some other people and we prayed about it.

“I even told Ashley to pray and fast about what he had just shared with me, but he said I was not going to pray about it. I am not going to pray for myself not to die.

“I am not going to block God; it is my time to go.

“He said if you knew where you are standing and where you are going, you will not be afraid of dying, so for me, I am not afraid of dying.”

Mrs. Musendekwa described her son as a responsible teenager who was highly regarded by many. Despite his academic commitments, he actively engaged in church sessions and was even selected as a Bible facilitator. He was eloquent and possessed strong preaching skills.

On the fateful day, Ashley had just completed his final Cambridge A-Level Computer Science examination, leaving his family with hopes of a bright future. He aimed to achieve top academic results, with dreams of securing a fully funded scholarship to Harvard University, having excelled with A grades in his last exam sitting.

Ashley’s uncle, Mr. Tungamirai Owen Musendekwa, shared fond memories of the responsible young man who was trusted as a youth leader. He emphasized Ashley’s academic brilliance, passion for entrepreneurship, and prowess in various sports.

News of Ashley’s tragic accident generated significant controversy on social media. Some expressed condolences, while others questioned the responsibility of parents providing cars to young students. The accident scene also raised concerns about the safety of young drivers.

A poignant video of Ashley’s last moments emerged, showing him at his school’s premises shortly before the accident. In the video, he uttered the words,

“You really appreciate something when it’s gone.”

This heartbreaking video has left many in deep sorrow, with some speculating that he may have had a premonition about his impending death.

The tragic loss of Ashley Musendekwa has left a void in the hearts of his family, friends, and the St George’s College community. As his family grieves, the premonitions he shared and his final words continue to puzzle and haunt those who knew him, underscoring the fragile and unpredictable nature of life.


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