Police are looking for 3 man who robbed a man in southerton at gunpoint


Man robbed in southerton at gunpoint

Three armed robbers have been caught on camera after a man was robbed at gunpoint in Southerton Harare.

Contents of an unknown man’s dashboard camera have proved to be a saviour after he was robbed at gunpoint while driving around Southerton.

The video evidence showed how the man was stopped and robbed by three armed men and forced to give up his possessions.
Two men were lying in wait, and the said vehicles seemed to be the robbers’ accomplices. The first car was a black Honda Fit with a Botswana registration plate B576 6R8, and the other was a white VW with the registration plate AFL 3693.

From the video, the victim was driving along the

when he slowed down at an intersection because two other vehicles were coming his way.
One of the men who appeared to be crossing the road at first took a gun out of his pocket. And pointed it at the victim, who tried to drive away. Another man holding a knife quickly ran towards the front of the vehicle, seemingly shouting for the victim to stop.

The other two men who had guns smashed the truck windows and pointed their weapons at the victim who had stopped. The robbers took the victim’s bags, which were in the car and ran away.

The pictures and videos shared on social media have left many Zimbabweans shaking in their boots and scared for their lives. Many are saying that Zimbabwe is slowly turning into South Africa because of the robberies and gun violence.

However, many have hope since the faces of the armed robbers can be seen from the video evidence of the victim’s truck’s dashboard camera.

Watch the video below


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