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Southerton armed robbery suspect shot d3ad


In a dramatic turn of events, a suspect linked to the shocking armed robbery in Southerton, Harare, on October 30 has met a tragic end.

The suspect, Sam ‘Mhukahuru’ Mudzuri, 42, was shot dead by police during a raid at his girlfriend’s residence in Unit A, Seke. The incident has unveiled a potential breakthrough in the case, shedding light on a dangerous armed robbery crew.

The harrowing incident unfolded on October 30 when Jordan Mark Matthee, a 27-year-old fitness trainer, was on his way to work. A black Honda Fit with Botswana number plates blocked his path on Bryce Road, resulting in a terrifying confrontation.

Three armed men, wielding a pistol, a knife, and an iron bar, confronted Matthee. In a desperate bid to escape, Matthee collided with the robbers’ vehicle, bringing it to a halt.

The assailants demanded cash, and Matthee handed over a duffel bag containing valuable possessions. The stolen items included an iPhone 11, an iPad Mini 6, and $250 in cash, along with personal identification such as his driver’s license and bank cards. This harrowing experience left Matthee traumatized and initiated a manhunt for the perpetrators.

Source reports that the Police received a vital lead that pointed them towards Sam Mudzuri, one of the prime suspects in the Southerton armed robbery. Detectives raided his girlfriend’s house in Unit A, Seke, on a fateful Saturday night.

In the ensuing confrontation, Mudzuri attempted to evade capture, prompting the police to use lethal force. He sustained gunshot wounds to his lower limbs and was rushed to Parirenyatwa Hospital, where he was declared dead upon arrival.

Mudzuri’s final moments were not in vain, as he provided crucial information to the police before his passing. He revealed the identities of his alleged accomplices in the armed robbery, potentially breaking the case wide open.

Among these accomplices is Paul ‘Pauros’ Chinake, a notorious figure wanted for his involvement in a string of armed robberies across Zimbabwe. The other suspects have been identified as Lovejoy (aka Shorty), Teddie, and Betto.

As investigations intensify, national police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi reaffirmed the police’s commitment to locating and apprehending the remaining suspects, ensuring that justice is served.

In a series of events that began as a traumatic ordeal for Jordan Matthee, the brave actions of the victim and the relentless efforts of the police have led to a significant breakthrough in the case.

While it’s a tragic end for Sam Mudzuri, his final revelations have set the stage for justice to be served and the remaining suspects to be brought to justice


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