Home Africa News Sikhala calls Tshabangu an ‘1diot’Must back off.

Sikhala calls Tshabangu an ‘1diot’Must back off.


Jailed CCC member Job Sikhala has responded to Sengezo Tshabangu’s claims that he is negotiating his release on behalf of opposition CCC adding that the self appointed interim secretary general talks “hogwash, rubbish and lies”.

A source who visited Sikhala this morning at prison said he was furious after he was told that Tshabangu had posted on social media that he was engaging the state for the release of Sikhala.

Sikhala responded with a plea that a message be put out for him forthwith where he was responding to the claims.

“Tshabangu is an idiot. I do not want him to associate himself with me on anyway. He talks hogwash, rubbish and lies”


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