Home Africa News A Zimbabwean Woman murdered by her Ex-Partner in UK.

A Zimbabwean Woman murdered by her Ex-Partner in UK.


Very rarely we witness a generational evil. Men who are so evil that they commit barbaric despicable acts that traumatise a whole community and their callous act disqualifies them from being called men. In all ways they are heartless creatures. Monsters, inunu, obhinya! Obert Moyo is such a horrible creature.

3 years ago he was released from prison after being sentenced to 10 years and serving only half for his attack on an ex girlfriend.
The wicked beast who masqueraded as Obert Ngwenya had broken into the nursing home in Brighton & Hove where she worked alone on a nightshift. Armed with knives and a screwdriver he viciously attacked her Ex dragging her to the back of the building where he clearly intended to butcher her to death. By Gods grace she escaped and fled the scene.

In the early hours of this morning (Friday 10 November 2023), at around 2.40am, police were called to reports of a woman found with serious injuries on Dukesgate Grove in Little Hulton, Worsley. The victim, a woman aged 35, was found by her two young children with a single stab injury to the chest, she was taken to hospital and has since sadly passed away.

Detective Chief Inspector Gina Brennand of GMP’s Major Incident Team, said: “We are in the early stages of our investigation, and an experienced team of detectives continue to work extremely hard to understand a comprehensive timeline of events that will help us piece together what has happened earlier this morning.

After a parole board erred by releasing such nefarious vermin back into society, the monster has struck again this time killing an innocent young lady. All reports show she was loved by her community in Bolton and leaves behind two innocent children. Early reports suggest they may have witnessed the attack. Perseverance Ncube, affectionately known as Percy was murdered by Obert Moyo who broke into her house and stabbed her. Salford police have issued a statement saying a 45 year old man has been arrested


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