SA man brutally stabbed his colleagues,cut open his abdomen, then took selfies(video)


Video footage in the Randfontein Herald’s possession shows a man being brutally stabbed numerous times by another man, in front of onlookers, in Randfontein on the West Rand yesterday.

While it was suspected that the property on which the incident occurred belongs to Sibanye-Stillwater, James Wellstead, the company’s spokesperson, says the incident took place in an informal trading area, and not on the company’s premises.

In video footage sent to Randfontein Herald, the man can be seen lifting his arm and stabbing the victim. Horror images were then shared, allegedly by the offender, on his social media status.

In the video and images, the knife-wielding man is seen posing with the body from all angles. He even takes a selfie or two.

It appears that the deceased had multiple lacerations to the neck and a deep laceration to his stomach. A small knife can also be seen resting on the man’s gutted stomach.

According to unconfirmed reports, the man also ate some of his victim’s intestines.

Wellstead says that the deceased was an employee and that the alleged killer is a former employee, who was dismissed for unknown reasons. He adds that the two were involved in hostile disputes in the past.

Randfontein Herald has reached out to West Rand Police Captain Solomon Sibiya for comment, which will be published once received
Video below viewer discretion


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