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Tendai Biti reacts to allegations of causing party recalls


“I will never be part of a project to weaken the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe,” says Biti as he accuses Zanu PF of orchestrating CCC Parly recalls

FORMER Harare East MP and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) “Change Champion” Tendai Biti has finally issued a statement reacting to allegations of causing party recalls that have destroyed the Nelson Chamisa-led movement.

In his statement, dubbed “Zimbabwe at a Crossroads” on Saturday, Biti expressed shock and anger over what he termed “malicious and defamatory” claims that he and Welshman Ncube were working with Zanu PF to destroy CCC through illegal recalls.

One Sengezo Tshabangu, claiming to be CCC’s secretary general has made several recalls of elected CCC MPs, Senators and Councillors and his latest recalls were this Friday of Senators.

“It is shocking to hear, and read, a daily stream of abusive, malicious and defamatory claims that Professor Welshman Ncube and I, are colluding with the regime and its proxies to append a struggle that have occupied and consumed all our adult lives.

“As someone who has been in this struggle for as long as I have, one who has endured Zanu PF’s jails and physical attacks by the same, it is heartbreaking, if not tragic, that many Cdes that have been with us on this journey are now given false labels and badges, Zanu PF wish they had coined first,” Biti said.

He added, “Given what I and my family have given to this struggle, it saddens me that I have to state publicly that I will never be part of a project to weaken the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe. I have been imprisoned and tortured for the change we all seek, and I have stood firm.

“I have never worked for Zanu PF, and I will die before I lend my hand to the illegitimate Zanu PF regime.

“Being a democrat who believes in constitutionalism, the rule of law, transparency, openness and collective leadership, Biti said he could never compromise on their core values,” Biti wrote.

Although Biti admitted to CCC’s shortcomings, he held his reservations about the process that prevented him from becoming a CCC MP.

“I have my challenges and reservations about our identity, structural, strategic and procedural polity.but l do not believe in recalls.

“However, no dispute nor differences is ever sufficient to place one at the service of Zanu PF. I will never be part of recalls. In my life, I have been recalled twice in 2015 and in 2021 through the pernicious use of section 129(1)(k) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. I know the pain of a recall.

“My family knows the pain of a recall. The people of Harare East know the pain a recall. With other MPs, such as Temba Mliswa, we unsuccessfully fought for the removal and repeal of section 129(1)(k),” said the former MP.

Biti accused Zanu PF of stealing the August election election and being corrupt, looting public assets that had all led to the suffering of Zimbabweans at large.

“All this chatter and actions by the illegitimate regime and its proxies are an engineered distraction from the main prize: to free ourselves from this rapacious dictatorship.

“It has been a long and tortuous road; and victory is closer than the distance back to where we started.

“The regime is now engaged in a malicious push to weaken our struggle, the progressive movement, through the illegal recall of elected public representatives,” said Biti


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