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BREAKING NEWS :CCC to take over in 2024


Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) director in the organizing department Farai Chinobva sensationally claimed that the party could take over power by end of February in 2024 and urged party members and supporters to brace for celebrations.

Chinobva was speaking at the December 09 by-election campaign launch in ward 2 of Masvingo Municipality where the councilor who was also Masvingo City Mayor Shantiel Chiwara was recalled by CCC self-imposed Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu who is controlling a faction of the party.
Chinobva said all the hullabaloo caused by the recalls will be a thing of the past and when time comes, people should be ready for celebrations.

“I once said this while in Chirumhanzu that February next year something big is coming, celebrate and make sure that you are going to celebrate big. This thing about recalls is nonsense, it is nothing, these are just sideshows to divert you from the issue of legitimacy and focus on the recalling of your candidates but this was foresaid by Chamisa (Nelson) that vamwe vacharamba kuti baba vangu handivazivi kana zvaipa (some will deny knowing their father when things turn sour) before we got to the elections.

“Now that things are bad they are saying we do not know the father, they want their own power take these words, but we are getting there soon, whoever doubts this should ask me on February 28,” said Chinobva
When contacted by TellZim News for clarification of what he meant, Chinobva said he was referring to Tshabangu’s catastrophe which he said would come to an end by February with recalled candidates having reclaimed their seats.
“What I meant is that by February 2024 all these recalls currently ongoing will be happening in the country will stop and the rightful candidates will take their seats and will be working for the people,” said Chinobva.
Chinobva said the courts were supposed to have done justice by that time and all the candidates should have been reinstated.

“The courts are going to do justice on the case of the recalled leaders and these people must be reinstated. About the recalled mayors and council chairpersons, the national assembly will have to decide whether they be taken back to their old positions or not. God is in it and this Tshabangu debacle will come to an end,” said Chinobva.

Ward 2 has three candidates from CCC who filed at the nomination court for the December 9 by election with Chiwara and former councilor Roki Kamuzonda having filed under CCC whilst one, Frank Chirairo filed as Independent and the fourth in the race is Zanu PF’s Benson Hwata


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