Home Africa News Horror:Mufakose man on the run after killing girlfriend’s child.

Horror:Mufakose man on the run after killing girlfriend’s child.


In a horrific incident in Mufakose’s Hwata Street, a man has killed one of his girlfriend’s children while injuring the other, on Sunday night around 9pm.

While details, are still sketchy, it is reported that during the day, the man, now on the run, was having challenges with his girlfriend, the mother to the slain child over financial matters. The girlfriend was threatening to look for another man after complaining to the accused that he wasn’t giving her enough money for her upkeep together with her three children. Angered by this threat, the man retaliated by threatening to deal with her.

The mother of three then went out to a football match, and her boyfriend came home later in the evening, with a knife and found the kids alone. He then cut one child on the neck and the child died on the spot . The man then tried to slaughter the other child, but the child managed to escape his mother’s boyfriend’s grip with a cut on his neck and ran out screening for help with blood gushing from his neck. The third child, older to the other, managed to escape unhurt.

At first, neighbors did not believe the juvenile’s call for help but when people noted that the other child was bleeding, people then rushed to their house, only to find the slain child lying in a pool of blood on the bed with no sign of life and the accused had already escaped.

The hurt child received first aid medical help while arrangements were made to take him to Sally Mugabe hospital as well as making a police report for murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. The accused is said to be married, with his own family residing somewhere in Mufakose


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