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Reason why Nyasha and Flora arrested


Nyasha Chabika and Flora: Two Masvingo girls, previously in the spotlight for a leaked video showcasing bedr00m content, have reportedly been apprehended for violating the Zimbabwe censorship act. The act, designed to oversee the public exhibition of films and regulate the importation, production, dissemination, and possession of undesirable or prohibited video and film material, publications, pictures, statues, and records, is at the center of the charges against them.

Tawananyasha Chabika and her friend Flora not only leaked the controversial video but also took to online platforms to boast about their actions, proudly declaring themselves as trendsetters. In a live video, they referred to themselves as the “baddest girls” who were unstoppable.

This arrest sends a clear message to the public, emphasizing the legal consequences of circulating explicit content for personal gain or fame. Law enforcement authorities have issued a warning to others who may be tempted to follow a similar path, cautioning against engaging in activities that violate the censorship act.


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