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Bulawayo man k!ll3s brother over US$20


The unfortunate sequence of events unfolded on a Wednesday morning when the now-deceased received US$20 in rent from a tenant named Taboka Ndlovu (22). Gift Mpofu then proceeded to use the money without the knowledge of his older brother Gibson.

The situation took a dark turn the next morning at around 3 am when a drunken Gibson returned home, awakening his younger brother. He demanded his share of the rent money, only to find out that Gift had already spent it. This revelation did not sit well with Gibson, leading to a violent confrontation where he punched his younger brother with his fists and beat him with a log.

Assistant Inspector Msebele provided details of the incident, stating,

“On 5 December 2023 at around 8 am, the deceased received US$20 for rentals from a tenant Taboka Ndlovu a male adult aged 22 years. The deceased then used the money without the knowledge of the accused person. On 6 December 2023 at around 3 am, the accused person came home drunk, awakened the now deceased and demanded his own share of money from the money which was paid by the tenant. The now deceased told him that he had already used the money and this did not go down well with the accused person who started assaulting the now deceased with fists and a log all over the body.


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