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DJ Sbu reacts to Zahara’s d3@th accusation


South Africans are pointing fingers at DJ Sbu, former manager of the late musician Zahara, and his record label TS Records, accusing them of neglecting the artist’s financial well-being. The allegations suggest that Zahara’s untimely d3@th was a result of financial struggles, including unpaid royalties, leading to dire consequences.

Zahara, whose real name was Bulelwa Mkutukana, gained immense popularity through her music, notably her debut album “Loliwe,” introduced to the world by DJ Sbu and TK Nciza in 2011. However, recent accusations claim that Zahara faced financial hardships, almost losing her home and failing to meet basic needs due to alleged non-payment of royalties by TS Records.

The accusations have resonated deeply with the public, with many South Africans expressing outrage and grief over Zahara’s tragic circumstances. According to reports, Zahara struggled to make mortgage payments and afford essentials, forcing her to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. This, in turn, reportedly led to liver disease, ultimately claiming her life.

In a poignant tribute during an SABC interview, DJ Sbu, also known as Sbusiso Leope, refuted the claims of financial negligence. He asserted that Zahara owned all her publishing and rights to her music, emphasizing that she was paid directly by her publisher for her work. Regarding royalties, DJ Sbu stated that Zahara received payments directly from a company that had signed her.

Despite DJ Sbu’s denial, public sentiment remains charged, with many questioning the responsibility of record labels and managers in safeguarding the financial well-being of artists. The tragic circumstances surrounding Zahara’s life and death have sparked a broader conversation about the music industry’s treatment of its talents, especially in terms of financial compensation and support


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