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Botswana declined Zimbabwean deal of visiting their country without passports


Botswana Members of parliament from the ruling party and the opposition have united to roundly reject the idea of Zimbabweans coming to Botswana without passports but only identity cards in a reciprocal deal.

The Botswana MPs said that their public healthcare system is already burdened by Zimbabweans seeking healthcare in Francis Town because Zimbabwe’s public healthcare system collapsed years ago due to massive corruption and incompetence.

President Mnangagwa announced the arrangement as if it was imminent, President Masisi of Botswana told his parliament that there was no agreement, it was just a concept.

Botswana has the same reciprocal agreement with Namibia but it didn’t face resistance because Namibians are self sufficient and don’t exclusively rely on Botswana for jobs or public goods and services like healthcare.

Managing cross-border agreements requires careful political and economic consideration of the practical implications on both sides.

Zimbabwe has become the troublesome sick man of the region due to corrupt rule, incompetence and failed political and economic polices.

ZANUPF fails to understand that political and economic stability play a crucial role in a nation’s well-being. Dealing with corruption, having competent governance and implementing effective economic and political policies are essential for sustainable development of any nation.

Many South Africans including in the ruling ANC also don’t want to hear about Zimbabwean cross border movement, now it is Botswana’s turn to register its displeasure and embarrass Zimbabwe.
It is tragic to be in this situation as a nation with leaders oblivious to how they have turned a whole country into a regional leper.

Botswana was a waste land when Zimbabwe got independence with its giant economy which was ruined by ZANUPF.

It comes down to that magic word, LEADERSHIP!


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