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Mai Mazowe Faces Allegations of Fraud in COS Paper Scandal


A UK businesswoman popularly known as Mai Mazowe has been accused of charging a female complainant GBP4,000 for a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) paper that has not been produced even after a year. The victim, who is now being denied by Mai Mazowe, reveals that an additional GBP3,000 was demanded under the pretext of increased COS expenses.

The accused, Mai Mazowe and her team, are reportedly traveling around the world, leading to questions about the misuse of the funds. Despite acknowledging receipt of the money, Mai Mazowe is allegedly evading responsibility, leaving the victim in distress.

The situation escalated when the victim received a message instructing her to seek help elsewhere, raising concerns about the fairness of the entire transaction. The community is urged to raise awareness and demand accountability in this case, emphasizing the impact on a woman in Africa who is now suffering due to the exorbitant charges.

Mai Mazowe’s role as the project owner and the alleged accomplice’s involvement are now under investigation


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