Video:Woman Collapses and d!es on spot at Copa Cabana Harare


Details of the incident are still not readily available, however, a woman who claims to have witnessed the tragic incident revealed that the now-deceased woman just collapsed and d!ed while she was buying clothes for her kids. Another witness claimed that before she collapsed and d!ed, she revealed that she was experiencing breathing difficulties.

A video showing the woman lying on the ground covered with a Zambia has since emerged on social media. Police officers can be seen standing close to the body.

Watch the video below;

The woman’s tragic, untimely death has touched a lot of hearts and has left social media shocked. Even though the cause of de@th has not yet been revealed, social media users have already started speculating about what could have caused her sudden untimely de@th. Many attributed her de@th to stress and depression, while some claimed that she might have suffered from a heart attack or brain aneurysm.

Here are some of the reactions from social media;


depression is real veduwe?


People are going through a lot ? ? mupfungwa mune hondo sepachimoyo


Ummm shame ????this is sad munhu anenge atobva kuden aribho,rufu rwakadai runorwadza ah


Sounds more like an aneurism or heart attack than depression. So sad. Condolences to the family.


PaZim tikungofamba hedu asi muviri inenge yakàpera kare nekufunga R I P masisi


Vanhu vakatakura mitoro veduwe. Ndinamatire ndigokunamatirawo.


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