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Roki Parades His Many Children, Apologises


Roki, the acclaimed and charismatic urban groover, whose real name is Rockford Josphat, issued a heartfelt apology for his errors throughout his life.

Roki, a father of many children, openly acknowledged his imperfections.

Reflecting on his journey, he expressed his willingness to learn from his mistakes and appealed to his fans for understanding and tolerance.

Beyond his personal life, Roki’s music career has been a significant part of his identity. With over 20 years in the industry, he has captivated audiences with his unique style and musical prowess.

Despite his challenges, Roki remains committed to his craft and looks forward to sharing more of his musical journey with his ever-supportive fan base.

Below is his message on his X account on the Christmas day.

No matter how nasty the comments get on social media and how terrible some of the mistakes I’ve made in life these are the people I do it for they’ve stuck with me through my ups and downs. And remember to lead with kindness we all human beings after all


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