Home Africa News Sh0cker: ‘Boy’(27) st@bs girlfriend (13) in disturbing incident

Sh0cker: ‘Boy’(27) st@bs girlfriend (13) in disturbing incident


By Selector – December 28, 2023 2 0
In a distressing case, the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragic de@th of 13-year-old Keisha Makovana.

The young girl was fatally stabbed with a knife by 27-year-old Munyaradzi Musariri at the Glen Norah B flats. The incident occurred on Boxing Day after the two individuals were discovered having lula lula in the girl’s parents’ bedroom.

According to Assistant Commissioner Nyathi, Musariri claimed that he and the minor had made a pact to stab each other to de@th after being caught in the act by Keisha’s parents between 6pm and 7pm that day. The suspect is currently receiving medical treatment at a local hospital under police guard


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