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Ammara Brown hits back at ‘Leaked’ nude yoga pictures


Ammara Brown has responded to supposed n_de pictures of herself that spread like wildfire on various social media platforms.

On Saturday, social media came to a standstill when pictures of Ammara Brown seemingly n_de and striking one of her trademark yoga poses were leaked online. The pictures triggered a flurry of activity in WhatsApp groups and private chats, with users eagerly seeking the alleged nude photos of the “Mukoko” hitmaker.

Although the origin of the pictures remains unknown, they caused a commotion online and posed a potential threat to Ammara Brown’s pristine public image. In the picture, the award-winning songstress is sitting in the lotus position, cross-legged with each foot placed on the opposite thigh, while raising her hands.

However, it wasn’t the yoga pose that had social media buzzing; rather, it was the apparent nudity of Ammara Brown. The picture revealed the songstress in a state of undress, with her boobs and honeypot in full view.

In response, Ammara Brown dismissed the pictures as photoshop. She took to her social media and said,

Y’all are working hard at Photoshop, you’re pathetic!!!

She even accompanied the message with emojis to show that she was disgusted by the attempts by her detractors to tarnish her reputation.

This incident isn’t the first time Ammara Brown has faced allegations of leaked explicit content. In 2016, a website shared pictures from a supposed bedroom video, falsely attributing it to the Zimbabwean star.

In the screenshots and video, the woman who somewhat resembled Ammara Brown, was seen romping with a man on a bed. At the time, Ammara’s manager Tsungi Zvobgo said the musician was unmoved by the circulation of the pictures and video.

“Ammara has seen the s#x tape and it’s not her. These are some of the hazards of being a celebrity. Unfortunately, when somebody is working hard and doing very well, some people will be looking for ways of tarnishing their image. I hope that this won’t damage her career at least because people have been smart to realise that it’s not her on the video but a lookalike.


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