Watch:Man falls and d!es on his birthday


Man falls and dies on his birthday
A man has shaken social media users after he crumbled down and d!ed instantly during his birthday celebration.

Friends and family gathered to celebrate the middle-aged man on his birthday. The day was immaculately planned, and they secured a large venue for the party.

As the festivities continued, the master of ceremonies invited the birthday boy to the dance floor.

The man with the birthday got up and strutted slowly to the centre of the room as he danced his way. He went to an open space and started dancing slowly as he felt good about himself. After some seconds, he froze during his routine and fell to the floor with a heavy and stiff thud.

Because of his mood at the party, people assumed the crumbling was part of his dance routine. People panicked only after seeing him stiffening and freezing on the floor. Soon, people ran up to the birthday boy to check on him.

One man rolled him, so he lay on his side while some took off his scarf and another removed his shoes. Many people then rushed to the man, but by then, he had d!ed. Watch the shocking video below.

Social media users expressed mixed sentiments about the man who fell and d!ed on his birthday.

The Instigator:

“They thought it was a dance move.”


“The way those people were just sitting there looking was crazy! ?”


“Someone fell head first, and people thought it’s a dance. Nah, guys, we need to be serious sometimes. RIP.”


“CPR could have saved him??it took them longer to even attend to him.”


“That’s why we must all be grateful for the gift of life ?? Just like that, then you’re gone?????? Life is a gift from God. I appreciate it for you don’t know what’s on the other side. If there’s any??”


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