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Love triangle end in tears as married woman accused of bedding workmate


In a distressing turn of events, Patricia Ganga, a tollgate cashier, is caught in the midst of a tumultuous marital dispute with her husband of nine years, Macdonald Mukosera. The conflict erupted when Macdonald claimed to have discovered a clandestine affair between Patricia and her colleague, Derrick Chihoma, lasting for six months.

Macdonald alleges that Patricia used the pretext of working double shifts to rendezvous with Derrick at a rented room near her parents’ residence in Ruwa. The revelation led to a series of unfortunate incidents, including a physical altercation between Macdonald and Patricia’s brothers.

Deeply hurt by the discovery, Macdonald disclosed the affair, leading to an altercation with Patricia’s brothers. The case was reported at Ruwa Police Station.

Macdonald claims, ‘She had become obsessed with Derrick to the extent of lying about many double shifts, which made me suspicious, and I investigated and discovered their shenanigans. She has since packed her belongings and left.’

Patricia and Derrick deny any romantic involvement and assert that they are work colleagues only. Patricia stated, ‘I do not want this story published in newspapers; it’s our family matter and has nothing to do with many people, excuse me.’

Derrick, claiming that their relationship is solely work-related, expressed concern about Macdonald’s jealousy and violence. ‘He confronted me, accusing me of dating Patricia, but the truth is that we are only workmates. Murume wake anehasha, anobvarura munhu zvekuti Patricia aripamahwani,’ said Derrick.

Legal actions have ensued, with Macdonald filing a lawsuit claiming damages for adultery and an assault case against Patricia’s brothers. In response, Patricia has opened a domestic violence case against Macdonald.”


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