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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has banned police officers from sports betting, threatening them with arrests.

Last week, two unidentified police officers went viral for the least expected reason. The cops had knocked off from work and decided to visit the betting house, Mwos.
They then went to the counter to place their bets, anticipating the weekend matches. As the two rascals processed their bet at the counter, fellow punters took notice and got quite amused. They decided to snap pictures of the unsuspecting police officers and share them online. And you bet they went wildly viral.
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) noted the viral pictures and was not pleased. The law enforcer has now taken measures to cut off the embarrassment. They have now banned police officers from betting.

‘COMPOL OPS’ (Commissioner of Police Operations) sent a “radio signal” to all police stations on 6 January 2024, and ZimLive saw it. The signal, titled “Soccer betting by police officers and members,” said:

“Commanders are requested to arrest, detain and advise this location all officers and members found betting.”

It is still unclear what the ZRP will charge officers found betting with. The Police Act criminalises “acting in an unbecoming manner… reasonably likely to bring discredit to the police force.”

“They can send their children or relatives to bet on their behalf. When I was a kid in Mbare – Majhubheki lines, my aunt used to send me to bet on racehorses for her.”

“There is nothing wrong with them betting, but there is everything wrong to do it while in uniform. They have a life outside of work.


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