Home Africa News Ray Vines the faded comedian accused Winky D fans for assaulting him

Ray Vines the faded comedian accused Winky D fans for assaulting him


Ray Vines Accuses Winky D’s Fans of Assault, Sparks Controversy Over Artistic Claims and Apologies

Ray Vines, a popular comedian who has been making waves in the past few days, has recently accused Winky D’s fans of assaulting him while he was taking a routine walk in the ghetto.

The comedian posted a photo showing a scar on his leg and blamed overzealous fans for being overly aggressive in defense of Winky D, also known as the Gaffa.

This incident comes after Ray Vines claimed that Winky D had copied his art during the 31st show at the HICC, where the Gaffa was celebrating his 20 years in the music industry with a unique art presentation, including a performance in a boxing ring. Ray Vines insisted that he was the first to have a boxing ring match at the HICC, citing his previous celebrity match with Fortune Chasi, which he unfortunately lost.

Unsurprisingly, these claims incited anger among Winky D’s fans, who felt that Ray Vines was unfairly targeting their idol. However, it’s worth noting that the comedian has stirred controversy on other occasions as well.
He previously made comments about albinism, targeting Solomon Harudzibwi, which sparked outrage. Although he later issued an apology during an interview with DJ Ollah, many viewed his apology as insincere due to the conditions he attached to it.

In addition to the controversy surrounding the albinism comments, Ray Vines also extended an apology to Zanu PF for his previous remarks about the party. However, this move seemed to confuse many, as it appeared that Ray Vines was struggling to find a consistent stance.

The unfolding events surrounding Ray Vines, Winky D, and their respective fan bases continue to spark debate and discussion among followers of Zimbabwean entertainment. The accusations, controversies, and apologies have taken center stage, leaving many wondering about the motivations and implications behind each party’s actions.

As the situation develops, it remains to be seen how the involved parties and their supporters will navigate the ongoing tensions and controversies


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