Domboshava Woman rescued from crocodile’s jaws by two kids 12, 9


Two kids aged twelve and nine from Domboshava, Magaya Village exhibited that age is just a number after they rescued a woman caught by the leg by a 4 metre long crocodile along Mungezi River.

According to the Masvingo Mirror, the 12-year-old pulled the woman back while the 9-year-old fetched a log and hit the reptile in one eye forcing the crocodile to release the woman.

The Zimbabwe National Parks later captured the crocodile and indeed it had one eye missing.

The woman was fishing using nets when she was attacked by the crocodile.

Apparently, cases of people being attacked by crocodiles while fishing or playing in water bodies are common in Zimbabwe.

The authorities are on record calling on members of the public to be careful when in water bodies.

Others are attacked while trying to cross rivers.
Watch the videos below


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