Home Africa News 19-year-old man found d3ad in a pool of bl00d

19-year-old man found d3ad in a pool of bl00d


In a startling turn of events, the tranquil atmosphere of Glendalough Farm was shattered when the lifeless body of Peter Sithole Machaka (19) was discovered lying in a pool of bl00d. The incident, now being treated as a case of m_rder, has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving residents and authorities alike searching for answers.

The grim discovery was made at Plot 13, Glendalough Farm, situated in the heart of Chipinge. Local law enforcement swiftly responded to the distressing scene, launching a full-scale investigation into the circumstances surrounding Machaka’s untimely demise.

“Police in Chipinge are appealing for information which may assist in the investigation of a case of m_rder in which Peter Sithole Machaka (19) was found d3ad lying in a pool of bl00d at Plot 13 Glendalough Farm,” stated the police statement, urging anyone with pertinent details to come forward.


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