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Viral:TB Joshua Is Alive, He Tricked People To Escape Arrest Says Prof Ex


Many commentators are alleging that the disgraced Nigerian prophet TB Joshua is alive, contrary to news that he died and was buried. Commenting tonight are two key whistleblowers over the BBC reported rape cases.

Analysts are saying as a con artist, this would be the most expected thing TB Joshua could do after noticing investigations are hotting up against him.

The below program explores the suggestion that there is a high probability that TB Joshua, the late Nigerian televangelist faked his own death. The absence of an independent autopsy and Joshua’s history of orchestrating elaborate deceptions in the name of miracles raise questions about the authenticity of his reported demise.

The Lack of Independent Autopsy:
One key factor contributing to the suspicion is the absence of an independent autopsy to verify TB Joshua’s cause of death. Given his history of manufacturing miracles and the serious allegations against him, a comprehensive examination by impartial medical professionals would be crucial in confirming the authenticity of his passing. The absence of such an examination fuels speculation about the possibility of him orchestrating his own death.

History of Deception:
The BBC’s extensive investigation, independently corroborated by numerous external journalists, exposes Joshua’s involvement in faking miracles over a span of 30 years. The report highlights a range of deceptive tactics, including the operation of an “emergency department,” the use of drugs to manipulate visitors, brainwashing followers, offering bribes, and producing fake medical certificates. This extensive history of deception strengthens the argument that Joshua might have faked his own death as another elaborate scheme.

Manipulation and Control:
The report details how followers and even emergency department workers were manipulated into participating in the deception. The use of brainwashing techniques, coercion, and exploitation of vulnerable individuals raises questions about the extent to which Joshua could control those around him. This control dynamic suggests that orchestrating a fake death could be within the realm of possibility

Bribes and Pretense:
The revelation that disciples were charged with finding people in need of money to pretend to be sick for staged healing events adds another layer to the speculation. If Joshua could orchestrate scenarios involving individuals pretending to be sick, it raises the question of whether he could have orchestrated his own death as part of an elaborate plan.
While this report presents a speculative analysis based on the lack of an independent autopsy and TB Joshua’s history of deception, it is essential to note that concrete evidence is needed to confirm or refute the possibility of him faking his own death. Further investigations, including an impartial autopsy and scrutiny of the circumstances surrounding his reported demise, would be necessary to provide a more conclusive assessment.


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