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Zhombe teacher k!lled eyes and ears cut off


Chief Weight Gwesela of Zhombe said that Rio Tinto High School teacher Fanuel Mwale (57), was most likely k!lled for ritual purposes.

Mwale’s body was found with missing eyes, ears and nose, and his head was skinned with a sharp object, according to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). Police said:

Police in Kwekwe are appealing for information which may assist in the investigation of a case of m_rder in which a teacher at Rio Tinto High School, Zhombe, Fanuel Mwale (57) was found d3@d on 19/01/24 along an unnamed gravel road near Joel Business Centre.

The body was found with missing eyes, ears and nose. The head was skinned with an unknown sharp object.

The victim was last seen on 18/01/24 at around 1600 hours after knocking off duty.

Anyone with information to report at any nearest Police Station.

Chief Gwesela told the Chronicle that there is a strong suspicion that the murder was ritualistic. He said:

This is unheard of, we have never witnessed such a thing in this community. We can only suspect that this was for ritual purposes.

A ritual m_rder refers to the intentional act of taking a person’s life as part of a religious, spiritual, or ceremonial practice.

In Zimbabwe, one of the high-profile ritual k!llings was that of Tapiwa Makore who was m_rdered by his uncle and his herdsman to boost a cabbage business.


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