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Zim Man st@bs teen to de@th over chicken


A PLUMTREE magistrate has spoken against the increased deployment of knives and other dangerous weapons as the community’s rods of anger saying it has led to a spike in murder cases in Matabeleland South province particularly in Madlambudzi, Figtree and Mphoengs areas.

The magistrate, Mr Joshua Nembaware, said there was a worrying trend where knives have been used to commit murder cases, adding that most k!llings were committed by close relatives, friends and lovers at beer binges. He urged conflict resolution strategies to be put in place.

He raised the issue during the court appearance of Takesure Mpofu (20) from Matsota Village under Chief Tshitshi in Mphoengs who was facing a m_rder charge for the fatal st@bbing of Thabo Ncube (19) from the same area. Takesure was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to 22 January. He was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Mr Nembaware said the m_rder cases underscores the need for community engagement, conflict resolution strategies and law enforcement measures to promote peace and safety in the region.

On 15 December Pennywell Ndlovu (19) from Khekhethe Village under Chief Manguba in Madlambuzi appeared before the same magistrate for fatally st@bbing his nephew Mark Ncube (18) accusing him of stealing his hen.

As if that was not enough, in November a bizarre double murder left villagers in the Bhulu area under Chief Tshitshi in Mphoengs, shocked when two men were brutally stabbed to death before their bodies were dumped in a 25-metre deep community well.

The brutal m_rder was carried out by fellow villagers Lucky Mpofu (30), Modiri Dube (27) and their accomplice only identified as Methuli who were also brought before Mr Nembaware charged with murder.

In the same month a suspected cattle rustler from Makhulela 2 Village under Chief Masendu in Madlambuzi also met a grim fate when he was beaten to d3ath by a mob of villagers. The frequency and nature of these incidents demonstrates the urgent need for intervention strategies at various levels.

This could involve law enforcement measures, community-based peace-building initiatives, conflict resolution training and addressing potential societal inequalities that fuel tensions.

Representing the State in the latest case, Mr Selestine Madziwa told the court that on 26 December last year at around 2am Fact Mpofu in the company of Vusumuzi Zvirevo Nduna, approached the accused who is also his elder brother and informed him of a prior altercation between him (Fact) and the deceased.

It is reported that a few minutes later Takesure confronted the deceased asking him why he had assaulted his younger brother.

A misunderstanding ensued between the two. At the height of the misunderstanding, it is alleged that Takesure picked up an empty beer bottle and threw it towards the deceased. However, it missed him.

The deceased also picked a stone and when the accused noticed that he had picked a stone he reacted aggressively by withdrawing a knife from his pocket and jumped towards where the deceased was standing.

He allegedly stabbed him once on the neck.

After the frenzied attack, Takesure fled from the scene leaving the deceased lying in a pool of blood.

The deceased was taken to Brunapeg Hospital where he died upon arrival and the matter was reported to the police who later arrested the accused at his residence.


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