Watch video:Cape Town based Zim Socialite Baba Judy na Clepeton died


Sad news reaching our team baba Judy a well known Zimbabwean socialite based in Capetown committed Suicide by jumping from the bridge

Other witnesses are saying he deliberately threw himself in front of the moving vehicle R300

Baba Judy

One of the witnesses told ChaosNews he went to meet someone who wanted to give him some luggage to take to Zimbabwe he then threw himself from the bridge and got run by a vehicle died on the spot on Saturday 20th

Hanzi akaenda achinosangana nemunhu aida kutumira mabag mheno bridge rekupi murume wacho akati akasvika Baba Judy can’t get fon haichadairwa but muroad naive nemunhu aive akarara akatsikwa apa ndivo havo

The unfortunate part we have now left with unanswered questions,did Baba Judy really committed suicide or someone pushed him on top of the bridge who knows time will tell.

Watch the video below

Depression is real if you are suffering from depression learn to be open up

As Zimbabweans lets learn to help each other not kuda kuzo vunduka munhu azviuraya back then baba Judy once wrote about being stressed and in need of work but no one paid attention to him.
This should a lesson let’s learn to help one another life is short

More news to follow RIP baba Judy


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