Watch Video:Zimbabwean bus “Sable Class” in high speed chase with SA police


In a dramatic and seemingly unimaginable episode documented on social media, the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) on the N1 south was the target of a spectacular high-speed chase by a Zimbabwean cross-border bus known as Sable Class, which was completely laden with suspected illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe.

A bus passenger captured the thrilling 2-minute and 19-second video, which shows a high-stakes chase with beacons flashing and the TMPD car’s siren blaring.

In the video, the bus driver skillfully dodges to the other lane while the determined traffic police try to stop the bus and continue the high-speed pursuit.

As the tension escalates, the bus executes daring manoeuvres, overtaking a trucker who, upon realizing the unfolding chase, decides to join in and support the efforts of the traffic cops.

Passengers on the Sable Class bus enthusiastically rally behind their driver, urging him to press on and evade the pursuing police. Amidst the cheers, one passenger can be heard encouraging the bus driver to “push it off the road,” as the chase unfolds with adrenaline-fueled intensity.

The climax of the chase arrives as the TMPD car, in collaboration with the trucker, successfully slows down the Sable Class bus and forces it to a stop. Despite the apprehension, passengers continue to support their driver, advising him to reverse and make a swift escape from the clutches of the law enforcement officers.

In a subsequent video depicting the aftermath of the pursuit, the TMPD car’s front bumper is visibly mangled, providing evidence of the high-speed chase’s intensity and the determination of the bus driver to elude capture.

The incident raises questions about the circumstances leading to such a daring escape and the lengths individuals may go to to evade law enforcement.
Watch the video below

This jaw-dropping episode on the N1 south serves as a vivid reminder of the unpredictable and sometimes chaotic nature of events on the road, leaving spectators and social media users astounded by the audacity displayed in this extraordinary encounter between a cross-border bus and the Tshwane Metro Police.

Wild Chase Ends in Crash as Zimbabwean Bus Refuses to Stop for Police on the N1
Chase video on link


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