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Nelson Chamisa reveals future plans after leaving CCC


Nelson Chamisa, the former leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has disclosed his next course of action following his unexpected departure from the party.

Speculation had been rife regarding Chamisa’s intentions, with many anticipating the formation of a new political party. Some even suggested that he would assume leadership of the Democratic Alternative in Zimbabwe (DAZ).

Reliable sources have revealed that Chamisa is pivoting away from the traditional political party model and venturing into the realm of post-party politics. His focus will be on establishing a social or political movement that prioritizes the interests of citizens and operates in a distinct manner from conventional parties.

During an interview with The NewsHawks, Chamisa expressed his desire for a fresh approach to politics, one that centres around the people. He emphasized that the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe requires a unique solution.

“We now want new politics in Zimbabwe. In an abnormal situation like we have now, we need intentional and not conventional politics,” Chamisa said.


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