Unusual Burial Caught on Camera – Watch Video woman was buried inside a hole


Video as a woman was buried inside a hole instead of 6ft under the ground
A video showing how a woman is being buried has surfaced online and by extension, it has stirred mixed reactions on social media.

In the video that surfaced online, the woman was buried in an unusual way instead of the usual 6ft under the ground that is well known over the world.

The woman who is dead was carried by some men from the coffin and was lifted in a vertical position instead of the usual horizontal direction and that was just the beginning.

Following this, netizens were left in a frozen state as the woman was placed inside a quiet deep hole till she was fully immersed in it.

As expected, the video did not go down well with many netizens as many questioned why she was buried in such a way, others said it was a cultural burial that belonged to some set of people and social media users should learn how to respect it

Watch the video below


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