Home Africa News ‘Your days are numbered,’ Mutsvangwa warns Mnangagwa after being axed from job

‘Your days are numbered,’ Mutsvangwa warns Mnangagwa after being axed from job


A yet to be confirmed X account supposedly belonging to Chris Mutsvangwa has hit back at President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for firing him saying his day of reckoning is not far.

In an X post that Mutsvangwa is yet to confirm or denounce, the former war veterans leader (@cmutsvangwa1) warns Mnangagwa.

“His Waterloo is not very far ahead. Everything he has or ever had including rulling mandates & filthy riches, are proceeds of robbery, not ordinary robberies but bloody, gruesome, gory, ghastly & grisly robberies.

“Infact, you were told before that he is no presidential material,” twitted Mutsvangwa.

Mutsvangwa also lambasts Mnangagwa for making dynastic appointments giving relatives top positions in government.

And more. Spiteful disappointment, Versus, Adulterous appointments,” he adds.

Be that as it may, disqualified 2023 presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere has disclosed why Mnangagwa fired Chris Mutsvangwa as war veterans minister.

“He clashed with the blue eyed (neophyte) running the Ministry of Information.

“He wrote to ED and complained that Min Muswere knew nothing about the party policy and was just a relative in the wrong position.

“ED got offended and fired him on a weekend. Chris does not hold back,” says Kasukuwere.

Apparently, Mutsvangwa was instrumental in the ascendancy of Mnangagwa to the throne.

As leader of the war veterans which had cut ties with the late former President Robert Mugabe at the time, Mutsvangwa played a critical role in overthrowing Mugabe.


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