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From Spar leakes to Game now Shoprite joined the race


Just a few days after the leak of a video of a Spar female employee which caused a storm on social media, another ‘video’ of a Shoprite worker has caused a stir after it leaked.

Earlier this week, a female Spar Supermarket worker had her video leak and shake the internet. In the video, she fled to the toilet, her blood hot, and lowered her jeans. She then started rubbing and playing with herself, much to the amusement of social media users.

Some people expressed disdain for the Spar lady considering that she was touching and squeezing sacred areas on duty with the hands she used to serve customers.

As if the drama is not enough, a Shoprite employee has reportedly also dropped his video and riled people online. In a ‘video’ circulating online, the man was engrossed in the moment, so much that he had even lifted his jersey and shirt.

He was playing with his weapon in the video, nonchalant that the Shoprite logo was vividly splashed on his jersey as he did the uncouth.

Social media users expressed mixed sentiments as the Shoprite worker followed on the footsteps of the Spar lady.

Sandiso: “Drake, Spar and Shoprite”

Film Connect: “Pick n pay please ask your employees zishaye idlwabu ”

Chegofatso: “@CheckersSA @BoxerStores what are you guys waiting for, you’re letting the team down.”

Bothwell: “People have lost shame, imagine society losing standards like that.”

Ndake: “Whats going on now? Let me not even ask. Whatever this wind is its not normal.”

Zizi: “I think its time i also work in Retail ”

Beauty Queen: “Spar 1-1shoprite = Drake ”

Markhie: “When are we going to see Woolworths? I can’t wait to see the expensive one.”

Tinyiko: “This game won’t end now. Extra time loading with possibility of penalties.”

Omo: “Under broad daylight and outside??? Pls arrest him ”


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