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Zvinoshamisa ku Gokwe mbavha mbiri dzoburitswa mujeri ne Nyoka


Gokwe Shuts Down As Python Frees Duo From Police Cells

People in Gokwe Chireya were left speechless yesterday after a python came to the rescue of two men Munangatire and Chigova from Zumba who had been put behind bars at Chireya Police station on theft allegations.

It is alleged that Munangatire and Chigova were stealing building materials at Zumba clinic until their luck ran out after a police tip off leading to their arrest.

However drama started after a big python showed up on the door of the Police Cells where the duo was locked.

It is reported that the python would move whenever the Police tried to release the two but would come back when they lock them in again.

Eye witnesses who spoke to this publication confirmed the incident and highlighted that the events of that day shocked everyone until the Police were left without an option but to release the two as the environment was now tense.

It is reported that the two were released and promised to pay back the settlements in the comfort of their homes


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