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Car Gift Snub: Wicknell Chivayo Reveals the Reason Why He Did not Buy DJ Levels A Car


Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has finally revealed the reason why he did not buy Dj Levels a car.

A number of people had been questioning why he did not buy Dj Levels a car when he bought one for his colleague Dj Fantan.

Wicknell Chivayo Explains Why DJ Levels Did Not Receive a Car
Speaking out during a radio interview with Phathisani Sibanda and Tinashe Chikuse on the Capitalk ‘The Champions League Breakfast‘ show, Wicknell Chivayo revealed why he did not buy a car for Dj Levels.

Wicknell Chivayo disclosed that he did not see DJ Levels participating in the Zanu PF rallies. He stated that he only saw Dj Fantan rallying and supporting the ruling party

Nevertheless, there’s still hope for DJ Levels to receive a car. Wicknell Chivayo mentioned the possibility of gifting DJ Levels a US$25,000 Mercedes Benz C Class, contingent upon DJ Fantan’s approval of the donation.

“I will hear from Fantan, maybe togona kumutengerawo ka C Class keUS$25K. Fantan was always visible at rallies, but Levels handina kumbomuona,” Wicknell said.

This revelation comes a week after Wicknell Chivayo gifted Dj Fantan a brand new Mercedes Benz GLE350d 4matic valued at US$90k.

Posting it on his Instagram page, Wicknell expressed gratitude to Dj Fantan for his contribution during Zanu-PF rallies and for supporting the ruling party.

“Congratulations DJ FANTAN @fantan_chillspot (Mr Arnold Kamudyariwa) of ChillSpot Records…Thank you for your contribution and continued support at our ZANU PF rallies during the election period…Please go collect and enjoy your Mercedes Benz GLE350d 4matic.”

Wicknell lauded DJ Fantan as the best DJ and producer in Zimbabwe. Additionally, he revealed that he chose Dj Fantan for his uniqueness and intelligence.

“You are the best DJ and Producer in this country without a shadow of doubt…Your other advantage was I generally like big people because we are just amazingly unique, smart, intelligent and talented human beings that’s why I picked you in particular ???…Kwira taxi or perekedzwa umhanye pa EXQUISITE CARS and see a boy called VICTOR utore mota yako my brother…?????Congratulations to you ??? MAKOROKOTO MAKURU… ZANU PF HUCHI , ZANU PF CHIORORO , ZANU PF iparty ye vanhu…Edelivers


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