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Zimbabwean Music Producer Mr Brown returns to South Africa


Social media has been set abuzz following the revelation that Zimbabwean music producer Mr Brown has returned back to South Africa after getting “deported” last year.

His return to Mzansi has sparked a wave of reactions from South Africans on social media.

Last year, Mr. Brown was deported from South Africa for overstaying in the country and not renewing his work permit. All along he has been in Zimbabwe working with the local artists.
Speaking to Zimoja following his return to South Africa, Mr. Brown expressed his happiness to be back in Mzansi.

He added that being back in Mzansi feels great, as he regards it as his second home.

“I won’t lie, I missed my wife and my children. Being home was great as I got to work with a lot of stars from back home, I did very well and felt appreciated. But it’s also great to be back in SA, which is my second home. I have worked with a lot of amazing artists here and more is yet to come.”

Mr Brown is already geared up to collaborate with multi-award-winning musician Makhadzi and many other artists.

“I will be working with Makhadzi and collaborating with many other artists. There are also big plans to go to the US in the pipeline.”

Addressing his ‘deportation’ from South Africa last year, Mr. Brown denounced the claims, stating that he was not deported. He revealed that a minor issue caused him to be sent packing.

“I wasn’t deported. It was a minor issue that has been sorted I was allowed to come back a long time ago, but I chose to catch up with artists back home.”
Meanwhile, the news of Mr. Brown’s return to South Africa has sparked mixed reactions. While some are delighted that he is back, others have started making light-hearted remarks, suggesting that hunger in Zimbabwe forced him to return to South Africa.


I remember that ?says he will never come back to SA?Hunger it’s no joke

Welcome Back Brown???????


There was noway he wouldn’t come back, I mean whose left there because everyone of them is here ..


I know they all say they will never set foot here after hiccups, but every chance they get na Southy ?


These ones don’t like to stay home yaz’ ?…They can’t live without us, ba ja rena ba nya rena!


Zimbabweans love South Africa more than Zimbabwe.


He must go back home


Welcome back, he’s good…This guy makes good music


E tla mmolaya hunger ya Zimbabwe ???


Glad his back talented this one??


RSA is the united states of Africa..faken the whole of Zimbabwens are here???


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