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Police raids Fake skincare Manfacturer in Mbare


LOCAL skincare products manufacturer Medtech, in collaboration with police, raided an operation in Mbare that was producing and distributing counterfeit products of its brands, posing a potential health risk to consumers.

The syndicate was illegally manufacturing a variety of Medtech products, including popular brands like Satiskin, Shower-to-Shower, Clere creams and lotions, and Easy Waves.

These counterfeit goods were then being sold in the market under the guise of being genuine Medtech products, raising concerns about quality and safety.

“We had been receiving complaints from consumers about sub-par Medtech products circulating in the market,” said Medtech chief executive officer Mr Afzal Motiwala.

“It was from these complaints that we instituted an investigation, which revealed that most of our products were being manufactured in Mbare.

“This led us to engage the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).”

The police subsequently conducted a raid in Mbare early this week, leading to the recovery of fake Medtech products packaging materials.

“We are happy with the rapid response that we got from the ZRP.

“A raid was conducted, we recovered a lot of products packaging material from the backyard industries and of interest was how the people got violent and even attacked us in the presence of the police,” he said.

Mr Motiwala urged consumers to be wary of fake products, especially being sold on the streets.

“The incident highlights the dangers of counterfeit goods, which often don’t meet safety standards and can cause serious skin problems.

“As Medtech, we urge consumers to be vigilant and look out for security features on products


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