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AKA k!lled for R800 000 assassinates reveals


Two of AKA’s six k!llers have revealed that they were all paid R800 000 for the hit. This comes after they were arrested and apprehended in Eswatini and linked to the m_rder of the rapper and his friend.

The SAPs have officially confirmed the arrests of individuals believed to be responsible for the m_rder of AKA. The arrests were made over several months, with the last two suspects found hiding in a house in Eswatini.

Police Minister Bheki Cele, in collaboration with National Police Commissioner Fannie Masemola, disclosed this crucial information in an urgent briefing held in Durban on Tuesday evening. The rapper met his tragic end in Durban on February 10, 2023. Two of the alleged assailants were discovered in neighbouring Eswatini.

Minister Cele revealed that a total of six individuals were arrested in connection with the m_rders of AKA and Tibz. The suspects included a coordinator, two shooters, two spotters, and the organizer of firearms and vehicles. According to law enforcement, one of the spotters had followed AKA from the airport on the day of the incident.

KZN police commissioner General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi provided additional details, stating that multiple vehicles were utilized in the attack on AKA. Four cars, a firearm, and cartridges were recovered, with the last two vehicles being hired. The suspects, including the oldest, aged 36, hid in Eswatini.

Out of the total amount of E800,000, it is claimed that the Ndimande brothers arrested in Eswatini acquired R133,000 as their portion. In addition to the accusation of being involved in the rapper’s alleged m_rder, they are also confronting two other charges, accusing them of causing the demise of two South African businessmen.

General Mkhwanzi outlined the timeline of arrests, with the first one on April 22, the second on October 24, and the third on December 14. The two shooters arrested in Eswatini on Saturday were also wanted for other cases, including the m_rder of AKA. The police initially disputed reports of the arrests to avoid tipping off the remaining suspect, who was still at large at the briefing time.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday to face charges related to the m_rders. Despite initial conflicting reports, Eswatini Times remained steadfast in their assertion that individuals linked to the AKA case had indeed been arrested. The publication claimed that the suspects were paid R800,000 for the hit, a detail not disclosed by the SAPS


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