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Chivhayo explains why Shadaya will not receive a car gift


Chivhayo explains why Shadaya will not receive a car gift
Wicknell Chivayo, who has been generously gifting cars of all shapes and sizes to popular musicians, civil servants, social media personalities and most recently bloggers, recently shared the reason why popular influencer Shadaya won’t be receiving a Toyota Aqua vehicle.

Apart from gifting Toyota Aqua vehicles to self-proclaimed Prophet Talent Madungwe, and another one to Robert Mugabe impersonator Jah Bobo, he also gave cars to Instagram bloggers Carlton Mazinyane (Zimcelebz & Zanu PF 1), Thomson Thomson (Zimcelebrities), Tafadzwa Muteweri (zimcelebs_ & chopisa tv), Simbarashe Marasha (Zimcelex), Enerst Mukumba (Celebrity New) and Ronald Ncube (Pachopisa).

After presenting the cars, Wicknell Chivayo took to his Instagram stories to share his thoughts on Shadaya. He mentioned that he had considered giving Shadaya a Toyota Aqua and praised him, even calling him ‘a LEGEND.’ However, Shadaya fell short of meeting the requirements due to his views on women.

“Hanzi na Shadaya LEARN OR PERISH ????????????…Chiya chinonzi Shadaya chibaba. Dai asingazo nyanya kuzotuka MADZIMAI kana AQUA anga aine kodzero yekupihwa…He’s a LEGEND in his own right ????????????,” Wicknell Chivayo wrote on one of his Instagram stories.

At the time of writing, Shadaya had not commented on Wicknell Chivayo’s comments. However, Shadaya did share some advice for men when Seh Calaz publicly begged for a Mercedes Benz after Chivayo overlooked him due to his remarks about the lack of development five months after the August 2023 election.

“A man must have pride. And it is with that pride that a man will never beg another fellow man. It is that same pride that will tell a man not to depend on freebies or handouts. Everything he gets, he earns it. In recent times, modern men have become weak and ghey, they no longer have pride. There’s this new trend of men being groupies, this culture of hanging around rich men, for some crumbs,” part of Shadaya’s message reads.

It remains to be seen if Shadaya will stay true to his advice and refrain from changing his views in hopes of receiving a car from Wicknell Chivayo.


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